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Welcome to Backyard Alpha

Who doesn’t want a fantastic backyard that’s big enough to run and play football, badminton, or host a massive party for your closest friends?

My name is Jack Dempsey, and I’m the creator of Backyard Alpha.

Jack Dempsey with his family in their backyard.

I’ve always wanted to give my family a fantastic backyard that not only tempts them but makes our neighbors jealous!

Well, that’s why we created Backyard Alpha.

I wanted to show you everything that’s possible in your own backyard.

From the coolest toys, equipment, and landscaping ideas to top-of-line pellet grills and fish ponds that will transform your yard from ordinary to extraordinary and make all your neighbors jealous.

We share instructional how-to articles, product reviews, and even articles that answer simple questions you might be afraid to ask.

With this information in hand, you become the “Alpha” on your block that everyone comes to for advice!

Hopefully, what we share will inspire you to design your dream backyard and create your oasis that your family can enjoy for years to come.

When I’m not working on Backyard Alpha, you can also find me on my other website, where I share my passion for the fish-keeping hobby.

If you have any questions email me: questions@backyardalpha.com

Jack Dempsey