Outdoor Entertainment: Ideas for a Memorable Backyard Gathering

On-going party in a backyard.

If you’re a fan of outdoor gatherings and picturesque daylight décor, you should make use of your backyard to plan your next party. Depending on who you’re having over, there’s plenty you can do with this space to make your backyard gathering more memorable. From traditional garden parties to backyard barbecues, there are many different types of backyard get-togethers you can organize for your loved ones.

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Backyard Maintenance in Winter: A Simple Guide

A snowman in a backyard

Just because we’re not sunbathing or hosting parties in our backyard during the winter doesn’t mean we can forget about winter backyard maintenance.

Your backyard will still be here when the cold winter months have passed; make sure you aren’t setting yourself up to do an entire season’s worth of work come spring.

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6 Recipes You Can Use for Backyard Cookouts in Winter

A rack with fish grilled on an open flame.

Most people assume that summer is the only time you can host outdoor cookouts. Still, winter is an equally exciting opportunity to fire up your favorite pellet grill and try some easy grilling ideas for dinner.

The cold weather, chilly evenings, and festive mood that come with winter make it the ideal time to fire up your favorite grill or fire pit and hang out with your friends and family.

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