Do Pellet Grills Have Flames?

Do Pellet Grills Have Flames

In contrast to their traditional coal or wood-burning counterparts, pellet grills are known to be a more indirect form of cooking meat and other types of food. Many people associate pellet grills with a typical kitchen oven since the ease and efficiency of use allow you to essentially put the meat in and walk away … Read more

Do Pellet Grills Give Smoke Flavor?

Do Pellet Grills Give Smoke Flavor

Pellet grills are an innovative and unique way to grill and smoke meat. They offer a more efficient and effective way to cook meat than traditional grills and smokers that use an open flame. However, many people often wonder if pellet grills can provide that pleasant smoky flavor with smoked and grilled meat. The short … Read more

How Many Pellets Do Pellet Grills Use?

How Many Pellets Do Pellet Grills Use

Pellet grills are a more cost-effective option when compared to other types of grilling. With that being said, how many pellets do pellet grills use? A typical pellet grill uses between a ½ pound and 1 pound of pellets per hour on the smoke setting and between 2 ½ pounds to 3 pounds per hour … Read more

Do You Soak Wood Pellets Before Using Them In Pellet Grills?

Do You Soak Wood Pellets Before Using Them In Pellet Grills

Wood pellets are used for cooking meat. They are created by finely grounding hardwood into small cylindrical-shaped pellets. Unlike wood chips, it would be a mistake to soak wood pellets for smoking meat. Hardwood, food-grade pellets are specially designed to be used dry, enabling them to burn efficiently. Wood pellets are available in a variety … Read more

Do Wood Pellets Contain Chemicals? Food Safe Brands.

Do Wood Pellets Contain Chemicals

Wood pellets are becoming a wide-spread fuel source for people’s smoker grills, stoves and heaters, and many other appliances. But, do wood pellets contain chemicals? If made per industry standards, by compressing only sawdust, woodchips, and whole trees, wood pellets don’t contain any chemicals and generally are not toxic. What You Need To Know Carbon … Read more

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last In A Smoker?

How Long Do Wood Pellets Last In A Smoker?

Pellet smokers are becoming some of the most popular smoking solutions in the world of barbecue these days – and for good reason! Super easy to use, super easy to control, and are more predictable than traditional smoker setups, pellets allow you to kick back and relax while smoking in a way that post wood, … Read more

How To Repel Mosquitoes Naturally With Homemade Sprays

What is a good home remedy to keep mosquitoes away_

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard each summer with your family, you might be asking a few of the following questions: What is a good home remedy to keep mosquitoes away? How do you make homemade mosquito killer spray? What home remedy repels mosquitoes? Can vinegar keep mosquitoes away? Does Vicks … Read more