7 Common Backyard Pond Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Adding spaces, accessories, greenery, and ponds to your backyard seems like the perfect idea when designing your house’s layout. When designing your backyard, you imagine a clear, clean, and healthy pond with different species of fish, plants, and so much more. But, when you finally start building it, you realize it won’t be so simple to maintain and care for.

Most people think they have been taking care of their pond in the most effective manner, but they don’t realize that they have been making several backyard pond mistakes that are barely salvageable. Especially if you’re a new homeowner who never invested time or money in a pond or pool within their own property. You need years of experience and tips to perfectly care for a backyard pond. 

To help newbies, we have put together some common mistakes people make and how we can help you avoid them. Keep reading to explore more.

1. The Wrong Location

Can you imagine someone telling you you built the pond in the wrong location? No, right? That’s because most homeowners assume that all they need is a large backyard where they can add a pond. One mistake they make is that they forget to understand and comprehend the best location for the pond.

Someone with even a little bit of experience would know that you need to place your pond in a manner that it receives sufficient sunlight and isn’t under any trees. When you place a pond underneath a tree, you are risking the aquatic life within the pond. Dried leaves, debris, and other elements can drop in the pond, contaminate it, and endanger the life of the fish living within the pond.

2. Pool Is Too Shallow

An open area with different colored trees and a large pond.

Many contractors find it easier to create shallow ponds as they are simple to build and don’t require a contractor to make too much effort in trying to get the right level of deepness in the pond. However, despite the easy levels you’re trying to achieve, ensure you are correcting your contractor and getting the right kind of deepness for the pond.

The pond can be shallow, but if you plan on keeping fish and other wildlife within it, you need to consider their habitat. Fishes and other water animals require a deep pit location in their living habitat.

3. Not Cleaning Regularly

One mistake we have seen people making with their ponds is to leave it as it is for prolonged periods. As someone who has invested time and money into creating the perfect pond, you don’t want it all to go to waste. You want to make sure that your fish survive and get the best living habitat there is.

The best way to do that is by cleaning the pond regularly. You want to ensure that you completely clean it all out, remove the fish, and then add them back once you’re done. This will help them stay alive longer and will help your water plants to remain healthy.

4. Using Untreated Water

A stream of unclean water flowing by the bank where there is trash.

A huge backyard pond mistake that most people make is using a range of water quality for the pond. Many people assume that you can easily use untreated or dirty water for the pond, it can actually endanger the lives of your fish and marine plants. Ensure that the water you are using for your pond has been treated and is clean enough for life to easily survive.

5. Feeding the Fish Too Much Food

We’ve often received complaints that the fish don’t survive long enough or the pond gets so contaminated that the fish don’t find a suitable living environment. While we understand why this might be confusing, one of the biggest mistakes people make is feeding their fish too much food.

Giving your fish too much food might risk their life or contaminate the pond so much that it might become insufferable for the fish and wildlife within the pond. It’s important that you provide only a measured amount of food to the fish to ensure a balanced lifestyle for the fish.

6. Keeping Reduced Plant Life

Several people have only added fish to their ponds and then continue to complain that they don’t last long enough. One great way to ensure that your fish and aquatic life remain healthy and balanced is by adding some amount of aquatic plants. These plants help navigate and balance the oxygen levels within the water, helping fishes and other breeds breathe with ease. They can also help maintain the water’s pH levels, ensuring that the living environment is safe for fish and other aquatic life.

7. Using Too Many Chemicals

Two clear test tubes are placed in a holder in a lab-like space.

When owners are trying to ensure a livable and clean environment for the fish, they often try to opt for chemical cleaners and other solvents to clean the water. However, the truth is that these chemicals can actually endanger aquatic life and the cleanliness of the pond. Make sure you stay away from these cleaners and use age-old methods to clear out the pond.

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