Best Pond Liner (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Building a pond in your garden is a sure-fire way to create a calming atmosphere, add some more interest, and encourage more wildlife into your outdoor space.

A pond doesn’t have to be a huge project either, and they can be designed and built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from small, in-ground wildlife ponds to larger, raised ornamental ponds.

It’s not as simple as digging a hole and filling it with water, though. To make sure your pond retains its shape, water, and functions properly, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve installed a good quality pond liner.

But, with so many different pond liners to choose from, how can you be certain that the one you’ve chosen is best for your pond? Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the best pond liners available, each of which is guaranteed to help you achieve your dream pond and make sure it remains a calming oasis in your garden for years to come.

We’ve also put together a useful buying guide that’s filled with information on what to look out for when you begin shopping for a pond liner, as well as some useful installation tips.

Quick List Best Pond Liner

  1. TotalPond Pond Liner
  2. Aquascape 45 Mil Pond Liner
  3. AQUAUNIQUE Pond Liner
  4. GROWNEER PVC Pond Liner
  5. Firestone Rubber Pond Liner

Top Pick: TotalPond Pond Liner

Available in three sizes, this Pond Liner from TotalPond is perfect for creating small wildlife ponds, ornamental ponds, and even large fish ponds. It’s also been cleverly designed and constructed to be just as strong as a standard PVC liner while weighing 30% less, making it easier to install and giving it more flexibility to lay around the contours of your pond.

The 14.5-mil thickness makes this one of the most durable pond liners you’ll find and, when installed with underlay, will be incredibly hard to damage even from any rocks and stones lurking underneath the soil’s surface. This is due to its innovative construction of strong PVC sheets reinforced with a polyester weave, making it incredibly strong and puncture-resistant.

This pond liner has been designed with a textured surface too. This promotes beneficial microbial growth, which helps keep your pond water clean, well-balanced, and ensures that any plant or animal inhabitants are kept healthy.

It is also UV-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about any sun damage causing weak spots in the lining once it’s installed. It even includes a lifetime warranty as a testament to its quality.


● Available in three different sizes allowing you to create your ideal pond
● Constructed from PVC sheets that are reinforced with a polyester weave for extra strength, whilst weighing 30% less than standard pond liners
● Is puncture-resistant and UV-resistant
● Has a textured surface that promotes beneficial microbial growth
● Comes with a lifetime warranty


● The 14.5-ml thickness does make this a thinner liner. However, it has been engineered to have the durability of a thicker pond liner.


Second Pick: Aquascape 45 Mil Pond Liner

If you’re carving out a particularly curvaceous pond, then this 45-mil Pond Liner from Aquascape could be a fantastic choice for your needs. Not only is it highly durable, but it has been designed to easily stretch and mold to the contours of your pond without sacrificing any of its strength.

Completely safe to use in ponds with live fish or plants, this liner is constructed from rubber and has a thickness of 45-mils. This gives it superior durability and prevents any punctures from occurring from either side of the liner. It also has fantastic resistance against UV rays and oxidation.

This pond liner is really easy to install as well, requires no tools, and is designed to lay flat with minimal creases. This gives you better value for money as well, as you’ll be able to use every inch of the liner as intended, and you won’t have to factor overlapping into your measurements.

Available in a huge range of sizes, you’ll be able to create your dream pond, however big or small it is. It also includes a 20-year warranty, so you can rest assured that it will continue to work effectively for a long time to come.


● The highly-flexible design contours to the shape of your pond without sacrificing durability
● Constructed from rubber and safe to use in ponds with live fish or plants
● Is puncture-resistant, UV-resistant, and oxidation-resistant
● Available in a wide range of sizes to suit any pond layout
● Comes complete with a 20-year warranty


● Its durability makes this liner quite heavy, so it may require more than one person to install it.


Third Pick: AQUAUNIQUE Pond Liner

Constructed from strong, PVC sheets that are reinforced with a polyester weave, this Pond Liner from AQUAUNIQUE is incredibly durable, yet remains lightweight enough to install comfortably and flexible enough to mold to the contours of your pond’s design.

This pond liner features a textured surface that is designed to promote beneficial microbial growth. This is a particularly good feature for wildlife or fish ponds as it will help keep the water well-balanced and oxygenated, which, in turn, will ensure both plant and animal life in your pond is as healthy as possible.

The puncture-resistant construction will give you peace of mind that it will be unlikely to spring a leak from either side of the liner, while the 14.5-mil thickness makes it a great alternative to thicker, traditional liners. This makes it perfect for raised ponds and won’t add too much extra weight to the pond’s external structure.

It is available in three different sizes, the largest of which can hold up to 1200 gallons of water and line a 16’ x 9’ pond with ease. It also includes a 20-year warranty so you can rest assured that, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you’ll be covered for a replacement.


● Constructed from PVC sheets and reinforced with a strong, polyester weave for extra durability
● Lightweight and flexible enough to easily mold to the contours of your pond or for use in a raised pond
● The textured surface helps promote beneficial microbial growth and keeps the water and its inhabitants as healthy as possible
● Puncture-resistant and UV-resistant
● Available in a range of sizes and comes with a 20-year warranty


● Some people that previously purchased this pond liner noted that it was quite difficult to get the creases out when installing.


Fourth Pick: GROWNEER PVC Pond Liner

The non-toxic PVC used in the construction of this Pond Liner from GROWNEER makes it safe to use in wildlife ponds, fish ponds, and ornamental water lily ponds. It also has superior flexibility and is easy to mold around the contours of your pond’s layout without sacrificing its strength.

It has a 14.5-mil thickness, which helps to make it lightweight and easier to install, but still ensures it’s strong enough to be puncture-resistant from either side. It’s also effortless to clean, so when the time comes to give your pond a bit of a revamp, all you’ll need to do is rinse the liner off with a garden hose.

This strong pond liner has also been engineered to be UV-resistant. This means you can build your pond in a sunny position without worrying about any sun damage causing weak liner spots.

Available in a range of sizes, this liner is ideal for building any size of a pond. It also comes complete with a 25-year warranty to assure you of its quality further.


● Constructed from non-toxic PVC that is safe to use in wildlife and fish ponds
● Has superior flexibility and easily molds to the contours of your pond
● The 14.5-mil thickness makes it lightweight and easy to install without sacrificing strength
● In puncture-resistant and UV-resistant
● Available in a range of sizes and includes a 25-year warranty


● Has not been designed with any features that help promote beneficial microbial growth in your pond


Final Pick: Firestone Rubber Pond Liner

This Pond Liner from Firestone has been crafted from EPDM rubber, making it one of the strongest liners you’ll find. It also has a 45-mil thickness that adds to its strength and helps ensure no risk of any punctures occurring from either side of the liner.

Despite its strength, this pond liner remains really easy to install and can be molded to the curves and contours of your pond design without having to overstretch or fold it. This makes it ideal for creative designs or even for lining a pondless water feature.

Its 10’ x 15’ size gives you enough liner to create a medium-sized pond or double-lining a smaller pond. It requires very little maintenance and, should you wish to give your pond a thorough cleaning every few years, it only needs a quick rinse with a garden hose to get it looking as good as new.

The EPDM rubber used in its construction also makes it safe to use in ponds frequented by wildlife or inhabited by fish. Complete with a 20-year warranty, this is a pond liner that is built to last!


● Made from EPDM rubber and has a 45-mil thickness for extra strength and durability
● Is easy to install and mold to the contours of your pond
● Measures 10’ x 15’, making it perfect medium ponds, or for double-lining small ponds
● Safe to use in wildlife and fish ponds
● Comes with a 20-year warranty


● Only available in one size. However, it is easy to pair more than one with pond liner tape if you need to line a larger pond.


Best Pond Liner Buyers Guide

A pond liner is an essential purchase for anybody looking to build a pond of any size in their garden. Not only will it help ensure there are no punctures or leaks, but it will also maintain the shape of your design and can even help keep the water clean and healthy for anything living in your pond.

However, depending on the type of pond you’re creating, there are some important things you need to consider when you begin shopping for your pond liner.

Below, we’ve highlighted some key points to give some thought to before making your final decision. This will help you find the best pond liner for your individual needs and ensure your new pond looks amazing for years to come.


The most important thing to consider when you’re shopping for a pond liner is what size of liner you need. And, whilst there are lots of sizes available, you’ll need to remember that the advertised size won’t necessarily correspond with the measurements you’ve marked out in the area you’re building your pond.

For example, if a pond liner measures 6’ x 6’, this doesn’t mean it will cover a 6’ x 6’ space. This is because it’ll be sunk into the ground and, as such, extra length will be used up.

If you are building a 6’ x 6’ pond, remember to think about the depth. If it’s 3’ deep, then you’ll need a liner at least 9’ x 9’ in size.

It’s always better to have more than not enough too, so if you’re unsure, then we’d recommend going for the largest liner possible. Any excess edges can always be trimmed off one your liner is in place, and if you’ve got loads of liner left, you can always double-line your pond for extra strength.


Once you’ve worked your measurements out, the next thing to look at is what material your pond liner is made of. This will determine how strong the liner is and, ultimately, how long it will last.

Both rubber and PVC are fantastic materials to look for in a pond liner and, luckily, are also the most common you’ll find. Some pond liners are also reinforced with woven polyester to increase their durability, and this is a great option to go for as well.

The stronger your pond liner is, the less likely it is to suffer from punctures on either side. So, if a sharp stone manages to find its way through the underlay and makes contact with the liner, it will still be unable to cause a leak.

Materials such as rubber and PVC are also UV resistant. This is a great thing to look for in a liner as prolonged exposure to sunlight can create weak points in some liners, causing them to deteriorate over time and increasing the chances of water leaking from the pond.

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There is a range of different thicknesses available to choose from when you’re looking for a pond liner, and these are measured in ‘mils.’ This shouldn’t be confused with millimeters, and instead equates to 0.001 of an inch.

Thicker pond liners of around 45-mils are designed to be super durable, puncture-resistant, and retain their strength under the water’s weight. This would be the best thickness to choose if you’re building a particularly large pond.

There are, however, some pond liners that are around 14.5-mils in thickness but have been specially engineered to have the same level of strength as thicker liners. This also makes them much lighter in weight, and they are much easier to install if you’re building your pond by yourself.

Flexibility is another thing to think about when choosing your pond liner. If you’ve designed a layout with lots of curves and natural edges, you’ll need a liner that can conform to your pond’s contours without overstretching or sacrificing strength.


Building a pond in your garden is a guaranteed way to draw birds, frogs, insects, and a plethora of other wildlife into your garden. So, it’s incredibly important to make sure that your chosen pond liner is animal-safe.

This is also an important thing to consider if you intend to build a fish pond or plant ornamental aquatic plants such as water lilies or irises.

Generally speaking, both Rubber and PVC pond liners will be wildlife-friendly, but it’s always worth double-checking before you purchase.

Microbial Growth

Some pond liners have been specially designed with a textured pattern that promotes microbial growth in your pond. This is a fantastic feature for a couple of reasons.

The more beneficial bacteria there is present in your pond, the cleaner your water will be. This is because they will feed on algae-spores and, in turn, will prevent the water from turning green and slimy.

The cleaner your water is, the healthier your aquatic plants and any animals living in your pond will be as well. It will also be much more appealing to wildlife.

So, if you’re looking to create a haven for wildlife or build an ornamental pond, it’s definitely worth purchasing a pond liner with a textured surface.


Finally, take a look at what sort of warranty your pond liner comes with. Once your chosen liner is installed, and the pond is filled with water, the last thing you want to do is replace it all a year later because your liner is starting to spring a leak.

Luckily, most pond liners come with a warranty of at least 20 years. Some even come with lifetime warranties, not only assuring you of their quality but giving you extra value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pond liners black?

Pond liners are black for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they merge in with the colors of your pond and give it a natural look.

Secondly, it retains heat. This means that it’ll warm up during the day and help keep the water, plants, and animal life at the optimum temperature all the way through the night.

How do I install a pond liner?

The first thing you need to do is map out where your pond will be placed and what shape you’d like to build it in. Once that’s done, begin digging your hole. Next, you need to lay down an underlay, such as carpet or thick blankets, to protect your liner from sharp stones in the soil.

Then you can start unfolding your chosen pond liner and contouring it to the shape of your pond, removing as many creases and laying it as flat as possible. Trim the edges, fill with water, and your pond is built!

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