Camp Chef Pellets Review [All Flavors & Buyers Guide]

Pellet grills have achieved a great deal of popularity outside of the grilling niche because these grills are so easy to use.

That said many beginners become overwhelmed by the large variety of wood pellets available to be used as fuel.

The type of wood pellets you use to cook on a pellet grill affects your food’s flavors, physical health, and how often you will need to buy wood pellets, as some last longer than others.

High-quality wood pellets are an important purchase for pellet grill cooking.

One of the most popular brands of wood pellets is Camp Chef Pellets.

This article will cover the basics, pros and cons, notable features, and frequently asked questions about Camp Chef Pellets.

Everything you need to know about whether these wood pellets are right for you can be found here.

Please keep reading to learn some essential information as we dive into this Camp Chef Pellets review.

Camp Chef Pellets Overview

Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets are a popular brand of wood pellets that can be used in any pellet grill.

These wood pellets are high-quality and are made entirely from mixes of hardwood, unlike most brands, which contain at least some sort of byproduct like sawdust.

Camp Chef Pellets are also free of oils and harmful chemicals.

Camp Chef Pellets are designed for durability, which means that they last longer than most other pellets, keep the temperature more consistent, and leave less ashy residue behind for you to clean up.

These wood pellets can be used by anyone who cooks on a pellet grill, as they make the process even easier by being more controlled and efficient.

Camp Chef Pellets Pros and Cons

After thorough research and filtering several customer reviews, these are the pros and cons of Camp Chef Pellets, it seems most users feel the pros outweigh the cons.

Consider the following information:

Easy to Use

Camp Chef Pellets are meant to be easy for anyone with a pellet grill to use regardless of how much grilling experience they have, and many customers believe that these wood pellets deliver in that area.

They keep the temperature consistent and require little clean up after use.

Works for All Grills

While some pellet grill companies make wood pellets that only work entirely as intended with their own grills, Camp Chef Pellets remain efficient no matter what brand of pellet grill they are used in.

These wood pellets would work just as well in a Pit Boss pellet grill, for example.

Long-Lasting Product

Most users really appreciate how Camp Chef Pellets take longer to burn, making these wood pellets last longer than many of its competitors.

Sometimes, using a pellet grill requires several hours of burning, and these pellets are great for long and short cooking times.

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Flavor Opinions Vary

Some customers are not keen on the flavors that the mixed hardwood blends add to their cooking.

Many of these people claim that the Cherry and Hickory Charwood blends especially, which also contain charcoal, are not traditionally Southwestern enough for their tastes.


Some people also seem to mind the price of Camp Chef Pellets.

While these wood pellets are more expensive than many other brands, and their standard-sized bags are only twenty pounds, others feel the price is worth it because of the pellets’ durability, lack of byproducts, and ease of use.

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Notable Feature: Unique Hardwood Blends and Flavors

Although some customers are not fond of some of the hardwood blends and flavors that Camp Chef Pellets have to offer, others have at least one or two favorites that they buy repeatedly.

Camp Chef even has the guide below to help show which pellet flavors pair well with what types of foods.

iconIn particular, most people love the Competition, Hickory, and Apple hardwood blends.

The Competition Hardwood blend is praised for creating a smoky flavor that goes well with most foods, even baked products like pizza alongside the usual grilled meats of beef and pork.

The Hickory and Apple Hardwood blends are widely liked for giving meats and vegetables a distinct barbeque or apple flavor.

While they may not pair well with baked foods, they are excellent options for the foods you will probably be cooking the most frequently, especially if you are fairly new to grilling.

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Notable Feature: No Chemicals or Byproducts

Camp Chef Pellets have all of the materials that a good wood pellet needs and none of the filler substances that are cheap or even potentially harmful.

Unlike most, if not all, other brands of wood pellets, Camp Chef Pellets are made with genuine hardwood instead of sawmill byproducts like sawdust.

These wood pellets are also made without adding extra chemicals, binding agents, or oils that affect the durability or your health.

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The lack of chemicals and oils means that all of the flavors in Camp Chef Pellets come from the actual hardwood, and it means that Camp Chef Pellets will last longer, as those other ingredients typically cause wood pellets to burn up quickly.

Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about the smoke and flavor infusion from Camp Chef Pellets negatively affecting your physical health.

Other pellets that contain chemicals or oils give off far more carcinogens, which are known substances that may cause cancer.

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Notable Feature: Made in the United States

There has been an increasing demand for products made in the United States, and Camp Chef Pellets satisfy all of the benefits of being one such domestic product.

For one thing, getting Camp Chef Pellets shipped to your home tends to be more reliable and less expensive than ordering wood pellets that are shipped in from other countries.

Another benefit is the reduction of carbon footprints.

Having your wood pellets shipped across the country rather than halfway across the globe is better for the environment.

The mileage is less, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can limit shipping emissions.

Of course, purchasing products made in the United States is also a great way to support America’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are some of those most commonly asked by users or people who are interested in buying Camp Chef Pellets.

If you are interested in the answers to any of these questions, see the following:

What Is In Competition Camp Chef Pellets

The Competition Hardwood blend of Camp Chef Pellets seem to be one of, if not the, most popular blends in the Camp Chef Pellet line, and a lot of people want to know what is in them.

The Competition Camp Chef Pellets are a specific mixture of hickory, cherry, and maple woods.

As such, it is an excellent blend for just about anything you might cook on a pellet grill.

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Where to Buy Camp Chef Pellets

Camp Chef Pellets can be purchased in a variety of places.

Many retail stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Tractor Supply often carry Camp Chef Pellets.

These wood pellets can also be bought directly from Amazon or the official Camp Chef website. and other online retailers like Amazon.

Prices may vary depending on factors like shipping costs and taxes.

Can Camp Chef Pellets Catch on Fire

Any wood pellet can catch on fire if you do not shut down or clean your pellet grill correctly.

Camp Chef Pellets are no more or less flammable than any other type of wood pellet, and you should not have any issues so long as you follow the procedures outlined in your pellet grill’s manual closely whenever you use the grill.

Video Review: Camp Chef Hardwood Pellets

Final Recommendation

While Camp Chef Pellets are a little more expensive than some competing brands of wood pellets, they appear to be more than worth the price.

You may not like some Camp Chef Pellet flavors, but the taste is bound to vary from person to person, so you will have to find out for yourself if the benefits of this brand sound good enough.

Generally, most users love the Competition, Hickory, and Apple blends.

The Hickory and Cherry Charwood blends are the ones most people are divided over the flavors on, which many people attribute to charcoal’s inclusion in these mixes.

The other Camp Chef Pellet blends do not contain charcoal.

Camp Chef Pellets have earned their reputation as one of the most popular wood pellets brands, as they are quite good in terms of quality materials, ease of use, durability, and simple clean up.

These wood pellets are an excellent option for people who are new to using a pellet grill, as they are just as efficient in every type of pellet grill, not just Camp Chef grills.

If you’re interested in purchasing Camp Chef Pellets or looking more closely at them yourself, the best place to look at the official Camp Chef website.

If you are more interested in wood pellets that are a bit less expensive, we recommend Trager’s Hickory Hardwood Pellets.


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