Should You Lay A Pellet Grill Down To Move It? Tips, Tricks & Safety

In this article, you’ll learn how to move your pellet grill safely depending on how you plan to transport it. You’ll also find out if you can lay the pellet grill down and what you should know before you spill all you’re pellets everywhere.

Can You Lay A Pellet Grill Down To Transport It?

In short, yes, you can lay a pellet grill down to transport it.

However, there are some things you need to consider before doing this!

Many people make the mistake of instantly laying their grill down as it’s the most convenient way of doing things. Instead, it would be best if you did the following:

Preparing Your Pellet Grill For Moving Day

Let your grill cool down.

Your grill needs to be completely cool before you move it. As much as this might annoy you, it probably means you can’t use it for a day or two before transportation. Yes, this means a day or two without delicious woodsmoked goodness, but I’m sure you can find other ways to satisfy your tastebuds for two days!

You will need to open your grill and feel around everywhere to be sure it is completely cold before you move it. If you move it while it’s warm, then there’s always going to be an increased risk of something terrible happening. You could burn yourself, so it’s not worth taking the risk.

Empty the hopper

The hopper is where all the lovely wood pellets are kept and heated, but you can’t transport your grill on its side if there are pellets still in it. Be sure to empty it, or there’s a slight danger that you could empty wood pellets everywhere when laying the grill down. Again, it’s all about health & safety here, which can be extremely boring and make your life harder, but it is essential.

Vacuum the hopper

It would be best if you use a shop vac to vacuum the hopper to remove any residual wood shavings or dust. My advice is to make sure you’re using a clean vacuum nozzle when doing this. You don’t want to stick a dirty and dusty nozzle in your hopper – even though it doesn’t technically touch where the food goes, it’s still pretty gross and unhygienic.

Remove all the interior pieces.

Any pieces that exist inside your grill should be removed. This will likely include the metal grilling stuff itself, along with anything else. A good rule of thumb is that if something can be removed, you should remove it. This will make the grill easier to transport when laying down, or else you’ll have parts that might fall out of place or crash around.

Lay it on its back

When you look at your grill, you’ll have the hopper on one side and then the rest of the grill itself. Now, how do you think things will go down if you laid it down on the hopper side? It would be pretty pointless, seeing as the grill would stick up so much that you may as well transport it standing. Plus, you run the risk of severely damaging the hopper and its interior components, ruining your grill.

Likewise, laying it down on the other side is just as silly. Instead, the correct way to lay your pellet grill down is on its back. This is the safest way for the grill, and it’s also the easiest way of transporting and loading it into your vehicle. You don’t want to lay it down on its front because you might damage it.

That is effectively how you should lay down your pellet grill and the additional measures needed to ensure you do it safely. However, just because you CAN lay your grill down, does that mean it’s the best way of transporting it?

It depends on the situation! So, here are a few things to maybe think about when deciding how to transport your pellet grill:

How is your pellet grill being transported?

To phrase this another way, what type of vehicle is it being moved in? Are you driving it yourself in a car? Are you hiring a van to move it? Is it being moved by a removals company in a proper truck?

If you are moving it in a truck or van, you probably won’t even need to lay it down. There is enough space for you to transport it standing up, which tends to be the easiest way of doing things. All you need to do is strap your pellet grill down, using wooden blocks to stop the feet from moving. If you’re using a removals company to transport it from one home to another, they can handle this for you.

Laying your pellet grill down works best when you don’t have a lot of transportation space. Case in point, you have a car that you’re moving it in. You’ve popped the trunk, maybe laid the back seats down, and you have enough space to lay it on its back and keep it wedged in.

Yes, you can still lay it down in a van or truck, but it’s safer to do so in a car as there’s less space, meaning less room for it to move around and get damaged.

How big is your pellet grill?

Another consideration needs to be the size of your pellet grill. Usually, the bigger the grill, the better it is to lay it down. You can strap down a large pellet grill standing up, but the size means there’s more risk of it wobbling and toppling on the floor. So instead, laying it down eliminates this risk.

For smaller grills that aren’t as tall or bulky, the choice is up to you. Laying them down works well, but so will standing them up.

Summary: Can you lay a pellet grill down to transport?

In summary, you absolutely can lay a pellet grill down to transport it from one place to another. It is both possible and safe to do so, as long as you clean out the hopper and remove any internal parts from the grill. Then, you’re able to lay it down on its back, strap it into place however you like, and your grill is ready to be transported from A to B.

Still, it’s essential to know when laying down your grill is the best way to move it. In some cases, standing it up might be more convenient!

Jack Dempsey