Can You Leave a Pellet Grill Outside?

Everybody dreams of the precision of which a pellet grill can cook. Set it at a low temperature and just wait for hours without any need for adjustment, and just like that, your ribs are tender, juicy, and smoky. However, is it okay to leave your pellet grill outside to withstand the weather?

A pellet grill can be left outside if it is properly covered or made of stainless steel. Otherwise, water can be absorbed by the wood pellets, making them unusable. If the grill is not made of stainless steel, then wet weather can cause corrosion. Pellet grills should be stored indoors for safety.

During summer, many people choose to leave their smoker or grill outside with a cover on it, but in the winter, they bring it to shield it from the elements. Other people prefer to keep their grill in the garage and just wheel it out for times of use. Keep reading to learn how you should properly store your pellet grill.

Proper Outside Care of a Pellet Grill

There are quite a few things you can do to get your pellet grill ready for a life outside. Doing each of these things (especially during major storms or monsoon season) is critical to the life of your grill.

Get a Grill Cover

Not only is it important to get a grill cover, but it is especially important to get one that fits! A grill cover that flaps around in the wind is likely to tear on sharp edges and let moisture in. You will also need a cover that is made out of waterproof material. Finding a nice, heavy-duty grill cover will be a great first step in weatherproofing your grill. Some of the best waterproof materials for your grill cover to be are nylon, vinyl, polyester, or canvas.

Oftentimes, companies will also have grill covers that are made for specific grills, and even specific models of that grill. Finding the right cover may take some time, but once you know the model of your pellet grill, you should be able to find the right cover and get weather protection for your grill in no time.

A great place to get a cover for your grill is from you can easily enter the dimensions of your grill add a personal logo of your favorite sports team and have it delivered right to your door.

Grill Covers

Empty Pellets Out

As you probably know, as soon as you apply some water to wood pellets, they won’t be wood pellets anymore! As a matter of fact, they will turn into sawdust and make for quite a challenge when you try to burn them. It is best for your safety and for the correct function of the grill that the wood pellets do not get wet. Most grills will have an insulated pellet tray, but it may be helpful to know if water can get in and out of the pellet compartment.

If you are planning to leave your pellet grill out for an extended period of time, then it may be helpful to empty out the pellet compartment so that if water does find its way in there, it is not soiling the wood pellets and making a mess in the compartment. Double-check to make sure that each compartment is watertight and replace any parts that make keep it from being watertight. As you are doing this, it may also be helpful to check all the electrical features and see what effect outside weather will have on them.

Can My Pellet Grill Get Wet or Be Used in the Rain?

As we talked about above, your pellet grill can get wet (although it should be avoided). There is a reason for worry, however, when it starts to rain and your pellet grill is wide open. Water will not only ruin your pellets, but it will also slowly corrode your metal and damage the electrical wiring. If you do end up grilling in the rain, there are a few suggestions that may help the situation.

Have a gazebo or an easy-up nearby that you can pop up once the rain starts coming. If you feel a few drops, and don’t want to put your grilling on hold, then set up some sort of outdoor canopy to shelter your grill.

It will also be important to ensure the safety of electrical outlets, connections, and fixtures. Follow the cord connecting you to power and ensure that there are no tears or openings where water could get in and fry the electricity.

While an easy-up and caution will do in a pinch if it starts raining, the best option would be to move it to a covered but open area, such as an overhang or pavilion. This would keep the grill from getting wet and will allow all electrical wiring to also stay dry. Be safe!

Can You Use a Pellet Grill in the Winter?

Pellet grill outside in winter

Most people want to do their grilling on a warm summer evening, but maybe that is just not you! Grilling in the winter sounds like quite an adventure, but is it a smart thing to try with a pellet grill? There are a few things to consider if this is something you want to do.

First, check to see what insulation (if any) your grill has. Many pellet grills have double-wall insulation that might be helpful for the cool winter months. Double-wall insulation will help to keep the grill hot, even when outside temperatures are cold. If you live in a place that gets incredibly cold, you may not even be able to start the grill—so be sure it’s not below zero when you put that T-bone on the grill because it will probably just freeze.

Another thing to consider is the wind. Wind will make smoking or even grilling quite hard. Winter winds especially make for a miserable grilling experience, so if it is cold outside with some artic winds, you should maybe rethink your dinner.

When it comes down to it, you can almost always use your pellet grill as long as you are sure to protect it from the elements. Have fun grilling anytime, anywhere with the proper care and consideration for the longevity of your grill.