5 Best Pond Aerator Options [Review & Buyers Guide]

Best Pond Aerator

There’s just something about seeing the sunrise over a pond that’s really beautiful – Carson Wentz.  There comes a time in life when simple pleasures aren’t enough anymore. When the small things that used to mean so much to you lose their sheen and don’t make you smile the way they used to. It doesn’t … Read more

5 Of The Best Pond Vacuum Options [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Best Pond Vacuum

A pond can be a beautiful and beneficial way to house various tropical fish species, such as guppies, paradise fish, and cory catfish.  Not only is a fish pond a stunning addition to any garden or backyard, but studies have shown that keeping your fish outside (as long as the appropriate temperatures are achievable) can … Read more

Best Pond Liner (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Best Pond Liner

Building a pond in your garden is a sure-fire way to create a calming atmosphere, add some more interest, and encourage more wildlife into your outdoor space. A pond doesn’t have to be a huge project either, and they can be designed and built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from small, in-ground … Read more

Top 5 Best Koi Food (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Best Koi Food

The practice of keeping Nishikigoi, or Brocaded carp, dates back two hundred years and began after farmers in the Niigata prefecture in Japan started to breed Amur carp as a means of getting through a harsh winter. Soon keeping koi became a popular pastime of Japanese nobility, and having a pond full of these beautiful, … Read more

Top 5 Best Pond Heaters & De-Icers For Small Ponds

My Favorite Pond Heaters & De-Icers To Keep Your Small Pond Warm All Winter

In this article, we’ll review five of the best pond heaters and de-icers for small ponds that you can use through the winter to ensure your fish can breathe well and prevent the water from becoming toxic. Some winters can last months on end and if you can provide a little bit of warmth for … Read more

How to Keep a Natural Pond Clean and Clear

How to Keep a Natural Pond Clean EASY & Simple Step-by-Step Guide!

A backyard pond adds a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape. Ponds are a valuable way to use space because they conserve water, they’re friendly to wildlife, and they increase property value. However, it requires maintenance to make sure it stays bright and healthy. And if you add fish to your pond, cleanliness is even more … Read more

Keep It Simple: Best Hardy Fish for a Small Pond

Keep It Simple Best Hardy Fish for a Small Pond

New to the world of backyard ponds? An outdoor pond is an awesome way to add beauty, nature, and visual interest to your landscaping. But before you stock that pond with gorgeous fish, which ones will be resilient and easy to take care of? Check out this guide that goes over some of the toughest, … Read more

What Type of Fish Can Live in an Outdoor Pond?

What Type of Fish Can Live in an Outdoor Pond 9 Awesome Options!

Grilling while camping can be an amazing experience where you bond with your buddies over the thrill of the hunt. You may miss that feeling when you get home, so you’ve turned your backyard into your own little slice of wilderness. Since you spend a lot of time in your backyard, then you may be … Read more