How To Cover A Pond In The Winter? Tips, Tricks & DIY

How To Cover A Pond In The Winter Tips, Tricks & DIY

In this article we’ll explain why you should cover your pond in the winter, the equipment you need to do it and finally exactly how to cover your pond in the winter. Let’s begin. Do I Need To Cover My Pond In Winter? Yes. As the temperatures fall in the winter, your fish will become …

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Backyard Pond Ideas – Over 258 Ideas! You Can Use Today!!

In the article below, we rounded up all the best resources we could find online for backyard pond ideas. You’ll find some great backyard water feature ideas, images, articles, and videos of pond ideas that are sure to inspire you. Let’s start. Images For Backyard Pond Ideas – You Can Copy A small herb garden or even a vegetable garden along your pond’s edge makes …

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5 Of The Best Pond Vacuum Options [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Best Pond Vacuum

A pond can be a beautiful and beneficial way to house various tropical fish species, such as guppies, paradise fish, and cory catfish.  Not only is a fish pond a stunning addition to any garden or backyard, but studies have shown that keeping your fish outside (as long as the appropriate temperatures are achievable) can …

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Best Pond Liner (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Best Pond Liner

Building a pond in your garden is a sure-fire way to create a calming atmosphere, add some more interest, and encourage more wildlife into your outdoor space. A pond doesn’t have to be a huge project either, and they can be designed and built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from small, in-ground …

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Top 5 Best Koi Food (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

Best Koi Food

The practice of keeping Nishikigoi, or Brocaded carp, dates back two hundred years and began after farmers in the Niigata prefecture in Japan started to breed Amur carp as a means of getting through a harsh winter. Soon keeping koi became a popular pastime of Japanese nobility, and having a pond full of these beautiful, …

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