Does Irish Spring Soap Repel Mosquitoes & Keep Flies Away?

There are many reasons to love the popular Irish Spring soap. Many people enjoy the heavy fragrance of this classic bath soap. Others appreciate the foamy suds generated from soap and body wash bars. Finally, many want an affordable price point and dependable product.

But you may never have thought to ask, “Does Irish Spring soap repel mosquitoes?” This question is an interesting one, driven by this signature fragrance. Viral videos spread on social media have started the rumor of the secret powers of this famous American soap brand.

In this guide, we will dive deeply into this myth to understand the origins of the idea that Irish Spring soap repels mosquitoes. By looking into the active ingredients and replicating these ingredients into other homemade soap options, we can understand this urban myth.

The Claims Of Irish Soap Being Used To Repel Mosquitoes

As is the case with many theories and myths that circulate today, the idea of Irish Spring soap repelling mosquitoes can be traced to social media. Posts have gone viral on both the video-focused social media site TikTok and multimedia social giant Facebook.

One TikTok user shared a viral video of preparing Irish Spring soap into her signature mosquito repellent. The video shows her shredding the soap in a cheese grater and sprinkling the shredded soap in the vicinity of where she is sitting outside.

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There is little evidence of this method’s effectiveness in the video, but the myth spread just the same. Some users even commented in the video’s comment section about the apparent mosquito sitting on the creator’s foot during her mosquito repellent video.

Claims like this are also prime topics to spread on Facebook. As a result, posts on this social media post spread quickly, trying to provide a quick, simple, and affordable solution to the scourge of mosquitoes in the summertime.

However, as with anything, there is a kernel of truth to a much more extensive explanation of anything that seems too good to be true. It is the same story as far as Irish Spring Soap repelling mosquitoes.

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Debunking Using Soap For Mosquitoes

According to leading scientific resources, there is no scientific basis for Irish Spring’s idea to repel mosquitoes. While some active ingredients are in common, the specific Irish Spring product is not practical.

Experts have weighed in on this topic. The CDC and EPA maintain a list of products that are effective in repelling mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the composition of Irish Spring soap does not grant it access to these notable organizations’ lists of products that can repel mosquitoes.

Scientific studies have been completed to investigate whether Irish Spring soap repels mosquitoes. Therefore, Ohio Public Health Entomologist Dr. Richard Gary recommends only using products that have passed the examination of its essential ingredients for products that repel these bugs. is a popular online resource for testing myths and urban legends. This website also tested the question, “Does Irish Spring soap repel mosquitoes?” found the claim to this soap’s additional power false and not backed by any reputable scientific evidence.

What’s in Soap That Might Repel Mosquitoes?

A minty smell has been repeatedly pointed to as a possible repellent for all sorts of different kinds of garden pests. Everything from raccoons and deer to mosquitoes has received a minty household product as a recipe for an effective pest deterrent.

In particular, the potent smell of Irish Spring soap is the leading reason for this product becoming synonymous with pest repellent of many different species. This is because the scent in Irish Spring soap comes from a unique combination of strong artificial fragrances.

The distinct scent of Irish Spring soap can be most closely attributed to citrus. These citrus essential oils are especially hated by mosquitoes, similar to using citronella lanterns in outdoor spaces. This comparison can make people believe Irish Spring deters bugs.

For those looking for natural ways to repel mosquitoes, other soaps have ingredients like marigold, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil, which has been proven to be disliked by mosquitoes. A departure from natural ingredients, DEET is a very effective chemical used in soaps.

Dish soaps like Joy have been used in combination with products like Listerine. This one-two punch of a substantial eucalyptus smell combined with a heavy lemon fragrance helps repel mosquitoes from outdoor places, but only for a short amount of time.

Tips To Creating Your Own Anti Mosquito Soap

While using Irish Spring soap as a mosquito repellent may not have any scientific basis, that doesn’t mean soap is out of the question to meet this need. However, other soaps may have better ingredients to get the most out of their mosquito repelling properties.

Making soap is a do-it-yourself endeavor; however, you need some special equipment and ingredients. The main components of homemade soap include water and lye, or an acidic product that reacts with essential oils to produce soaps.

You will need a way to melt down a large volume of lye and oils, as well as molds to set the soap until it hardens. It is advised to use special molds, tools, and other vessels, especially for your soap making. Do not mix the tools you use to cook with soap-making tools.

Another easy way to use soap to deter mosquitoes is to set up a shallow dish of soapy water. This dish will attract the mosquitoes to its sweet and soapy surface, only to coat the mosquito’s legs with dish soap bubbles, effectively trapping it in the soap where it will die.

So Is There Such Thing As Soap That Repels Mosquitoes?

So, does Irish Spring soap repel mosquitoes? The truth is, it is much more difficult to find a soap that effectively repels mosquitoes than just using a popular soap available at every grocery and big box store. Mosquito repelling soaps are often artisan brands that are much more expensive and involve more niche ingredients.

Some household products contain small amounts of essential oils and other ingredients that will deter mosquitoes. However, the most effective measure to remove a severe mosquito problem is a bug spray that includes DEET.

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