How Do Pellet Grills Work? And The Benefits Of Using One

Pellet grills are starting to receive a lot of attention outside of the grilling niche, as these grills have earned a good bit of praise for being convenient and fairly simple for almost anyone to use. However, why is that the case? How do pellet grills work?

Pellet grills automate much of the work. They run on wood pellets, which are placed into a hopper. From there, the grill feeds them into a fire pot Pellet grills also have temperature controls that time when more pellets are added to maintain the correct heat. 

Please keep reading to learn more about what pellet grills are and how they work, and the benefits of using a pellet grill.

What Are Pellet Grills?

A pellet grill is basically a hybrid between a smoker, a traditional grill, and an oven. They can be used for many different types of cooking, even searing and baking. Wood pellets are used for fuel. Some wood pellets are meant to last a long time, while others focus on enhancing flavor.

Pellet grills do not cook food over a direct flame. Instead, they heat food indirectly by circulating the warmth through the grill, much like what an oven does.

How Pellet Grills Work: The Basics

While there are still things that you must do manually as you use a pellet grill, and it is important to pay attention to them, these grills do much of the difficult work for you, like maintaining the desired temperature.

The first thing you must do is fill the hopper with wood pellets. The amount of pellets you will need depends on what kind of cooking you are doing and what temperature will have to be maintained. The manual that comes with the grill should have a guide for this.

Just don’t go adding charcoal to your pellet grill, it won’t turn out well for anyone.

Once the grill transfers the wood pellets to the firepot and ignites, you can set the temperature you need with a dial. Lower settings take longer to cook the food, but they also keep the meat moist. This dial will send the information to the auger, the part that transfers pellets.

So long as you put the proper amount of pellets in at the start, the grill will continue cooking for as long as it needs to. Some newer models even have an alert feature that will notify you if the amount of wood pellets gets too low.

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The Benefits of a Pellet Grill

As you may have already realized, pellet grills have many benefits. Now that you know how a pellet grill works, you might be interested in the following advantages they possess:


Since pellet grills do most of the hard work, just about anyone can use one. All you have to do is look up how many wood pellets to fill the hopper with and do so, determine and set the proper temperature, and remember to season whatever you are cooking if you so desire.


Anything that can be cooked on a traditional grill can be cooked on a pellet grill. Pellet grills can also be used to make many things that would normally be baked in an oven, including pizzas or even pies. There are many pellet grill recipes out there, and the options are practically endless.

Extra Flavor

Again, some wood pellets are designed to enhance the flavor of whatever you wish to cook on a pellet grill. These pellets can be great for thoroughly adding a smokiness to meat in particular. Many people feel that these flavors enhance their food instead of overpowering it.

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Pellet grills are becoming widely popular due to being a combination of a smoker, a traditional grill, and an oven. These grills are also incredibly easy for most people to use, as they do not require the user to do much of the actual cooking.

Pellet grills allow the user to set their desired temperature with a control that sends information to the auger, which transfers wood pellets to the firepot. In this way, the grill maintains the temperature by itself.

As long as you know how many wood pellets to put in the hopper and keep the manual close at hand, your pellet grill should serve you well for a long time.


Jack Dempsey