Best Pellet Grill Accessories Essential for Grilling Season [BBQ, Traeger, Outdoor]

Pellet grills are popular among grilling enthusiasts due to their versatility and ability to maintain low, steady temperatures for hours without requiring any adjustment. Whether you’re into barbecuing, searing, or smoking, you won’t go wrong with a pellet grill. This guide is for you if you’re looking forward to the 2022 grill season.

We’ve outlined the best pellet grill accessories that we think are necessary for both beginner and pro grillers who want to elevate their game to the next level. So, let’s get straight to it.

The Essential Tools You’ll Need

These are must-have pellet grill accessories if you’re looking to become a grill master this season:

Grill Cover

BBQ, Traeger, and outdoor grills don’t come cheap, so it’s best to invest in a high-quality grill cover to keep out rain and animals. It helps prolong your smoker’s lifespan, besides preventing dirt, rust, and dog hair contamination

Grill Grates

Grill grates help you attain searing temperatures by concentrating heat instead of diffusing it. They allow you to grill with fewer pellets and are excellent for steak lovers.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Anything that gets on a grill will come off burning, including your hands. You don’t need scars to prove you’re a grill master. So, get yourself a pair of heat-resistant gloves to keep your hands safe.

Wood Pellets

Pellets are undoubtedly the bread and butter of grilling. Whether you prefer premium wood pellets or the commonly available ones, you’ll never run out of options.

Aluminum Foil

Another must-have during the 2022 grilling season, aluminum foil keeps those tasty ribs and steaks juicy besides preventing smaller pieces from falling through the grill grates.

Grease Bucket

After buying the hottest pellet grill on the market, you need a grease bucket to collect residual oil from the grill and keep the cooking zone clean and slip-free.

Drip Pan

Invest in a drip pan and collect drippings from sucks, ribs, and fatty meats easily. Better still, you can use it to hold marinades, beer, water, or flavorful liquids to keep your food moist.

Wireless Meat Thermometer

Master grillers cook their meat thoroughly and evenly without drying it out because they use wireless thermometers to get precise temperatures. You can also use the device to monitor temperature from a safe distance without hovering over the hot grill.

Pair of Tongs

You don’t want to handle searing meats. That’s why you need a pair of BBQ tongs to ensure you always have a firm grip when carrying hot meat.

Grill Brushes

A lot of work goes into preparing your grill. So, get going faster with a grill brush that allows you to scrape away any debris on the cooking surface.

Grill Mats

These are some of the best pellet grill accessories for those looking to get the flavor they have in mind but without the cumbersome cleanup.

Grill Light

Do you frequently grill till the sun goes down and you’re tired of using your camping headlight? If so, install a grill light and illuminate your meats without worrying about burning them.

Dry Rubs & Sauces

BBQ enthusiasts love their rubs and sauces because they add flavor to their meats and seal the juices inside. Dry rubs and sauces are a must-have if you want to give your meats a crispy outside and a tasty inside.

Accessories to Take Your Grilling Game to the Next Level

Pellet Grill

If you’re a grill master and want to take your game to a whole new level, these are the must-have accessories for you:

Meat Injector

You’re missing out if you’ve never injected a plump cut. It isn’t any different from marinating and brining, only that it introduces delectable flavors deeply inside. A meet injector allows you to enjoy flavorful and moist meats.

Burger Press

If you want to make gourmet burgers right off the grill, invest in a burger press. With this accessory, your burgers will never crumble or fall apart.

Bear Claws

Why risk burning your fingers trying to pull apart piping hot pork when you can use bear claws? The best part is that these grill accessories are lightweight and easy to use.

Rib Rack

Do you love grilling ribs? If so, you need a rib rack to smoke multiple layers of ribs. The accessory comes with handles for transferring your ribs into and from the grill conveniently.

Pizza Stone

If you plan on cooking pizzas alongside your meats, get yourself a pizza stone. It helps mimic a brick oven’s surface and heat.

Grill Basket With Long Handle

When grilling fish, kebabs, and other delicate meats, you need a grill basket to keep everything in place. Get one with a long handle for easier flipping.

Smoker Thermometers

Even if you’re a master griller, it’s difficult to keep your smoker’s temperature consistent. You can avoid overcooking your meats by using a wireless smoker thermometer.

Instant Read Thermometer

An instant-read thermometer provides high-accurate temperature readings in seconds, preventing you from guessing when your grilling is done.

Chimney Starter

As a master griller, you need to get the fire hot within the shortest time. Nothing works better than a chimney starter if you want to sidestep the lighter fluid.

Good Quality Traeger Pellet Grill Accessories

Every grilling enthusiast dreams of owning a love Traeger Pellet grill with easy ash cleanout. The grills also don’t require much time and attention. If you have a Traeger pellet grill, these are the must-have accessories to buy:


Keep your Traeger Pellet grill protected from the elements with a stylish, all-weather, and classically rugged cover. It helps maintain the grill’s new-like conditions for ages.

Pellet Sensor

If you have a WiFIRE-enabled grill Traeger and you don’t want to run out of pellets, the Traeger Pellet Sensor is what you need. It allows you to monitor pellet levels remotely using the Traeger app.


The custom Traeger induction cast iron skillet allows you to sauté vegetables, sear steaks, and do much more with your grill.

Drip Tray

A drip tray is a must-have if you regularly grill on the go. It makes wood-fired cooking easy and convenient.

Front Folding Shelf

Beef up your Traeger by adding a folding front shelf. It’s custom-designed to hold sticky BBQ utensils and beverages and provides space for your tools of the trade.


We all enjoy grilled meat. However, you can only get superior texture, color, and flavor if you have all the necessary accessories. This grilling season, be the coolest griller by having all the requisite pellet grill accessories at hand. If you’re looking for the highest-quality pellet grills, check out the Traeger lineup.

Jack Dempsey