6 Recipes You Can Use for Backyard Cookouts in Winter

Most people assume that summer is the only time you can host outdoor cookouts. Still, winter is an equally exciting opportunity to fire up your favorite pellet grill and try some easy grilling ideas for dinner.

The cold weather, chilly evenings, and festive mood that come with winter make it the ideal time to fire up your favorite grill or fire pit and hang out with your friends and family.

Not only are we bringing you recommendations for the best grills in the market, in addition to a wide range of backyard maintenance tools and equipment, but we’re also giving you the exciting opportunity to try out some of these fantastic backyard cookout recipes:

1. Campfire steak with rich BBQ sauce

Campfire steak is one of the easiest, most delicious backyard cookout recipes for the wintertime.

Get your favorite cut of steak, marinate it with your preferred sauce and ingredients–but keep them simple–and fire up your grill to create a smokey, flavorful, soft, and moist campfire steak.

We can’t recommend this style of cooking steak enough, given that it’s incredibly rich, easy to make, and gets a unique, smoky flavor from the campfire or grill.

A great alternative you can try is the classic bushman’s steak with a smokey, sweet, outback sauce that packs a little bit of heat, thanks to the paprika, and has a rich herby flavor, thanks to the garlic.

You can never go wrong with steaks, whether you’re hosting a party or having a relaxing night at home with your own family.

Closeup of a person in a sweater grilling chicken on an outdoor grill.

2. Chargrilled chicken with roasted veggies

What’s more divine than a succulent chicken filet rich with flavor and a tinge of charring?

We love chargrilled chicken with roasted veggies as a backyard cookout recipe because it’s so simple, yet you can experiment with different Pellet Grills tips and tricks to make the most of it.

Make a marinade with your favorite ingredients based on your preferences, whether you like your chicken spicy or savory, and let it rest.

The trick to a great grilled chicken filet is tons of marinade and resting time, and cooking it over a hot grill gives it that smokey, charred flavor.

Pair it with your favorite vegetables, including carrots, peas, beans, etc., and make sure that you also marinate those.

Roasting your vegetables makes them much more enjoyable while ensuring that you digest them and get their nutritional benefits more efficiently.

3. Coca-Cola BBQ ribs with a smokey sauce

You might be surprised to learn this, but Coca-Cola is often a secret ingredient in many BBQ recipes and pairs exceptionally well with ribs.

You’ll need a large regular Coke and some tender ribs to make a fresh glaze that is sweet and sour and adds so much personality and flavor to your meat when made using your firepit or pellet grill.  

You won’t be able to stop eating these delicious ribs because they turn out so tender and sticky, and the meat falls right off the bone.

The fat in the ribs also melts, thanks to the direct flame, creating a juicy end-product that will leave everyone wanting more.

Pair it with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and other sides, and enjoy the perfect hot meal.

A person grills an assortment of vegetables outdoors.

4. Chicken and beef skewers with vegetables

For something easy to eat and makes for excellent finger food and a main course item (with sides, of course), you need to try chicken or beef skewer recipes for your neck backyard cookout.

Making them is simple, and again, you can try all kinds of marinades and coatings, taking a more Middle-Eastern approach, Turkish flavor profile, or something more contemporary such as these teriyaki sauce skewers.

Add vegetables of your choice between the pieces of meat, including onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

It’s an easy-to-make recipe that’s even easier to enjoy and is also perfect for hosting.

We love recommending skewer kabobs as budget-friendly grilling ideas online, given that they’re perfect for large gatherings too.

5. Grilled panini sandwiches with different fillings

How can we forget about carbs when it comes to backyard cookout recipes? There’s nothing like a hot panini sandwich stuffed with your favorite cheese, meat, and vegetables.

You can use a panini maker or your regular grill to get the texture and flavors right and make a fantastic-tasting sandwich each time.

It’s also an excellent party option when you want a great drink and comfort food to beat the cold. Throw some fries or potato wedges on the side, and you’ve got an excellent meal.

A man grills food on his backyard outdoor grill.

6. Glazed, grilled vegetables of your choice

For non-meat eaters, a great option in addition to grilled halloumi burgers, and other delicious choices, you can make all kinds of wonderful vegetables in your outdoor cooking space.

From eggplants to aubergines to pumpkins to zucchini, the options for grilled vegetables are endless, and you can add more flavor with herbs, spices, and all kinds of add-ons.

Make a cheese dip or a vegan sauce and get tons of flavor out of your veggies, using them as a main course or even as sides.

Cooking in your backyard is an incredible opportunity to use your open space and favorite accessories.

We’re offering you options for great outdoor barbecue grill ideas that you can try this winter season using your brand-new addition.

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