Top 8 Accessories to Maintain Your Backyard Pond

Backyard ponds are a rare sight in homes regardless of the size of the outdoor space available.

For starters, they can be quite an investment, but most homeowners also don’t choose these as property upgrades because of the maintenance efforts they bring with them.

Backyard ponds are very different from a regular fish tank you keep in your house.

They’re much more challenging to clean and maintain, and you also have to be careful with the kind of fish you place in them, given the exterior elements that are out of your control.

Luckily, they are many accessories for backyard ponds available these days. These make your life easier and your pond well-maintained.

Here are the top 10 we suggest you invest in.  

1. A Pond Net

A pond net is the number one item on this list for obvious reasons:

It’s handy. Many pond owners with skimmer boxes and no fish may think they can do without a net, but they’re wrong.

A pond net makes your pond accessible in many ways. It helps you add and remove things from your pond, including fish, plants, debris, and much more.

It’s a great tool to have nearby if you accidentally drop something in your pond and need to fish it out right away.

We find the pond net especially helpful in fall when many leaves are falling in our pond daily.

2. A Pond Liner

Water lilies in a backyard pond

Pond liners are an essential accessory for your pond. These are lining materials for the pond placed at the base to keep the water in place and at the right level.

Without a pond liner, the ground will absorb the water at varying rates, making it hard for you to maintain the water level in your pond.

This can be dangerous for your pond’s fish, especially the ones that prefer staying at the bottom of the pond, away from the surface. So, a pond liner can help you maintain water levels.

3. A Pond Heater

Depending on where you’re located, a pond heater or a de-icer is only necessary.

For instance, if you’re in Florida, you won’t have much use for a pond heater. But if the temperature drops below freezing levels in your region, then a pond heater is a worthwhile investment.

While most fish species that are recommended for backyard ponds are ones that can survive in cold temperatures, however, a pond heater may occasionally help as well.

For instance, if your pond’s surface is completely frozen, toxins in the water won’t be able to escape, endangering your fish.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a pond heater isn’t precisely to warm up the water but to create a hole on the surface of the pond to keep things non-toxic and comfortable for your fish.

4. An Aerator

Do you fear that your fish aren’t getting enough oxygen? Then, invest in a pond aerator. An aerator is an excellent accessory for your pond and can keep it healthy.

Aerators create bubbles, providing the fish with the necessary airflow and oxygen. Additionally, an aerator will help during the winter if you decide to shut down the pond.

A backyard pond

5. Pond Planters

Plants look beautiful in ponds; they serve as an instant aesthetic upgrade.

So, of course, the plants you choose for your pond should be aquatic plants that can easily survive in water, raising their oxygen levels and adding a gorgeous appeal.

However, these plants can become hard to maintain over time, and they can start looking overgrown and cluttered in your pond.

Gardening in a pond isn’t a walk in the park—it’s tough. Also, when plants take roots and attach themselves to rocks in and around the pond, they can be tough to remove.

This is why we recommend using planter baskets in your pond. This keeps them from rooting within the pond.

You can also easily remove the basket and do the necessary trimming and maintenance work before placing the basket right back into the water.

Water lilies in a backyard pond

6. An Automatic Dosing System

Automatic dosing systems are relatively new inventions that have made their way into the market, making the life of pond owners much more manageable.

They’re designed to treat your pond water automatically with whatever solutions and essentials you choose to add to it.

The system assesses the water to check the different levels and add water treatments to it without you having to figure anything out. It’s a must-have for modern pond owners!

7. Various filters

Multiple types of filters are available, and they all have their purposes. From mechanical filters that create all kinds of debris, including large and small ones, to UV and pressurized filters, you have a wide range to choose from.

We suggest you carefully assess your pond, its position, and size to deduce what kind of filter you need to invest in.

Most filters, or filter pads, need to be replaced annually, so they’re a wise investment in maintaining your pond.

8. A Pond Vacuum

Water lilies in a backyard pond

A pond vacuum is exactly what it sounds like: a machine used to suck out everything from algae to debris and sludge from your pond.

Pond vacuums can make pond cleaning much easier, especially if you’ve got a big pond and little time to clean it manually.

However, choosing a pond vacuum that fits your needs is essential. You can check out an article on the best pond vacuums.

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