Z Grills Pellet Grills – Everything You Need To Know About The Brand

Z Grills Inc. is a US-based company that manufactures BBQ products, outdoor leisure products, stainless steel metal products, and household goods.

They are specialists in making pellet grills that can help you cook meat to perfection while providing you with a delicious wood-fired flavor.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Z Grills Inc:

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Manufacturing & Ownership: Where Are Z Grills Made & Who Makes Them?

Who Owns Z Grills?

Z Grills started as a grill manufacturer and gained over 30 years of experience producing pellet grills for leading firms in the industry.

The company became a brand of its own in 2016 and raised more than half a million dollars on Indiegogo by 2017 to become one of the most popular pellet grill brands in the country.

Where is Z Grills Located?

Z Grills is located in Ontario, California, with working hours from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, from Monday through Friday.

Where Are Z Grills Manufactured? (U.S. or China)

Z Grills are made and manufactured in the United States.

The company evolved from a grill manufacturing company to a recognized pellet grill brand by 2016.

Are z grills made in China?

Z Grills are not made in China instead they are built and manufactured in the USA.

Where Do Z Grills Ship From?

All Z Grills pellet grills ship from Ontario, California, and receive orders online.

The company ships throughout the continental United States but does not deliver to Hawaii or Alaska. It is important to note that Z Grills does not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

Quality & Reputation: Is Z Grills a Good Brand?

Z Grills is a great brand and has been involved in grill manufacturing for over 30 years.

The company’s team of specialists includes over 600 craftsmen, designers, engineers, and researchers who aim to revolutionize outdoor cooking.

How Good Are Z Grills?

Z Grills are very good as the company is known for using top-notch materials to produce efficient, durable, and creatively-designed wood pellet smokers.

The company’s 8-in-1 grills are multipurpose and allow you to prepare your meal in your backyard easily. You can our head-to-head comparison of Pit Boss vs Z Grills!

Here are a few things that make Z Grills pellet grills some of the best in the industry.

Convenient to Use

You don’t have to be a BBQ expert to be able to use Z Grills. The brand’s pellet grills come with controls that enable you to set the temperature in one go without having to monitor it regularly.

Furthermore, the one-button start-up eliminates the need for lighter fluid while a digital controller keeps the temperature regulated automatically.

Top-Notch Machinery

The brand uses high-quality materials to manufacture all the grills so that they function smoothly and last long.

Some premium features of their products include heavy gauge steel components, outstanding structural construction, and longevity.

Efficient Customer Service

From product design to after-sales service, you can depend on Z Grills’ customer service. Their call center is located in Salt City Lake, UT, where their representatives are readily available on call, email, and online chat.

The customer service team’s customer-centric approach equips them to answer any queries you may have.

Free and Quick Delivery

When it comes to shipping service, Z Grills won’t disappoint!

Not only is their shipping fast but also free of cost and any minimum purchase requirements.

Z Grill’s warehouses are centrally located, which allows them to deliver your pellet grills at your doorstep throughout the continental U.S.

Wood-Fired Taste

Z Grills’ products are designed to work with food-grade wood pellets, which are sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

Wood is the preferred fuel choice of professional barbeque chefs as it provides a delicious flavor.

The all-natural hardwood used in Z Grills’ smokers allows you to enjoy a pure, hardwood taste.

8-in-1 Functions

Wood pellet smokers created by Z Grills offer an 8-in-1 versatility, unlike gas and charcoal grills.

The grills have a broad and adjustable temperature range, allowing you to regulate the temperature according to the meal’s requirements.

You can choose to cook ribs on a low range or grill a wood-fired pizza on high flame.

Value for Money

Z Grills was featured in the Forbes “Best Grills” list in 2019. The company uses top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology that provides its customers with the outdoor cooking solution they need at budget-friendly pricing.

What Customers Say

Customers love that Z Grills’ wood pellet grills are quick to assemble, easy to use, and make their meals delectable. Their customer reviews bear testament to the claim of their products working as advertised.

Warranty & Longevity

The brand’s wood pellet smokers come with a 3-year warranty and prompt customer service to address any problems that may arise.

In case you detect any manufacturing or workmanship defects in a product, you can return them to the company within 30 days from the date of purchase. The merchandise must be unassembled, unused, and returned in its original packaging.

Z Grills’ team examines the returned product and may offer a refund within ten business days of receiving the product. However, you mustn’t purchase their products from a third-party website as they would not be eligible for return if found defective.

The initial and return shipping costs are non-refundable, and the brand’s policy also includes a restocking fee. If you wish to return a product, you would have to pay a return shipping fee. The cost would vary according to the freight carrier selected by you. Moreover, Z Grills does not accept pellet returns.

An order placed through their website can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase. After that period, the cancellation would be subject to Z Grills’ return policy. If you wish to return a product, dial 1-833-947-4557.

For more information read: Z Grills warranty and return policy.

Where To Buy Z Grills?

Z Grills is a leading wood pellet grill brand that ships throughout the continental United States. Their superior quality products are easy to use and can be sent to your doorstep free of cost.

Grill Now Pay Later!

Worried about the cost of a pellet grill? Z grills are one of the few pellet grill manufacturers that offer a grill now pay later program. This allows you to treat yourself to a new pellet grill with offers of up to 10% off payments as low as $36/mo.

Who Sells Z Grills? 

Z Grills are sold by Z Grills Inc., based in Ontario, California. To place an order, visit their website or call at 833-947-4557 today.

Are Z Grills Sold in Stores Or Online?

To get all the benefits and warranty coverage it’s best to order Z Grills pellet grills directly off their website, as it offers the full range of models for you to choose from.

However, if you prefer having a closer look at any product, you can buy it from an offline store.

Where Can You Buy Z Grills Online?

You can buy Z Grills’s products directly from www.zgrills.com or one of the authorized sellers noted below.

Which Stores Sell Z Grills?

You can buy a Z Grill from one of these stores near you:

  • Albertsons
  • Amazon
  • Dunham’s
  • Kroger
  • Family Farm & Home
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Menards
  • Orgill
  • Rural King
  • Home Depot
  • Costco
  • Safeway
  • Lowe’s

Where Can You Buy Z Grills in Canada?

You can buy Z Grills in Canada from many of the retailers noted above, such as Lowe’s, Home Depot or even on Amazon.

How Much Do Z Grills Cost?

The company’s grill models are affordable yet high quality. They cost between $100-700, depending on the model.

Are Z Grills Worth the Money?

Yes, the company follows a policy of honest, direct-to-consumer pricing, thereby offering quality products at the most competitive prices. The 8-in-1 feature of their pellet smokers makes them a perfect choice for both grilling enthusiasts and newbies.

The grills come with a temperature control feature that works independently without the need for you to adjust them from time to time.

The advanced technology ensures that the grills are packed with the maximum number of features you can get within the most affordable price range.

If you are unsure about Z Grills as a brand or product check out some of these reviews from top BBQ Gurus.

Where to Find the Best Price on Z Grills?

Visit their website to browse through the pellet grill models at the best prices.

Where to Find Sale On Z Grills?

You can find sales on Z Grills by visiting the company’s website to find early-bird discounts on the latest models.

Above all, you can often find deals for up to 20% off regularly.

Z Grills is dedicated to offering you better features at the lowest possible prices. Their latest grills come with a variety of upgraded versions to give you an unmatched wood-fired flavor.

How Often Do Z Grills Go On Clearance?

Other than the discount offers currently available on the website, clearance offers are also posted from time to time. You’ll need to keep checking the website to catch them.

Discount Code & Coupons for Z Grills

Z Grills often introduces discount codes, coupons, and prizes on its website. Usually for events such as Black Friday, Presidents Day, or Independence day.

Earlier, the company held the 2021 Z Grills Video Contest that offered exciting prizes to the winner. In addition to contests and limited-time offers, there are many pellet grills at slashed prices to provide you with better value for your money.

What Features Do Z Grills Have? 

The grills are packed with a range of exciting features, such as a wood pellet transporting system to regulate pellet distribution, a waste oil collector to make cleaning easy, and a stainless steel design that resists corrosion.

Do Z Grills Have WiFi? 

Currently, Z Grills do not offer Wi-Fi connectivity. However, its advanced temperature control feature allows you to set the temperature with a dial’s simple turn.

Also, you can purchase a Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer which lets you monitor the temperature of the meat remotely, which is almost as good.

With Wi-Fi, you can connect your smartphone to the grill via an app. It enables you to remotely control temperatures and monitor your grill even if you are far from home.

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Do Z Grills Have PID Controllers?

Z Grills are a budget-friendly brand, so only a few of their new pellet grills come with PID controllers.

Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controllers function by turning the pellet feed auger motor and combustion fan on and off at intervals to maintain the required temperature.

Do Z Grills Use Propane, Natural Gas, Or Electricity?

Z Grills works on electricity by using a minimum amount of pellets to create delicious meals.

Using electricity makes them more eco-friendly than conventional charcoal and gas grills. Added benefits of electricity include easy usage, better safety, and quick heating.

How to Use Z Grills Like a Pro

You can cook a wide variety of foods with a delicious wood-fired flavor in a consistent manner.

The “set it and then set it aside” temperature controls allow you to precisely regulate temperatures between 180 degrees to 450 degrees according to the item being cooked.

This makes the equipment perfect for making everything, from a sizzling steak to juicy hamburgers.

Z Grills has a great learning center where you can find everything you need to learn how to use a Z Grills pellet grill like a pro.

Where to Find Z Grills Instructions

You can find Z Grills instructions, illustrated guides, and check out video tutorials for all their models here.

How Do Z Grills Work?

Due to the grills’ efficient functioning, you can grill, smoke, bake, barbeque, roast, braze and even use a pellet grill to sear.

A prime advantage of using these grills is that there is no learning curve to get started—the grill functions by burning wood pellets to produce heat and smoke to add flavor to your food.

Mechanical auger transfers the pellets into a firebox, where they are ignited with a rod.

You can set the temperature according to the meal you wish to cook. The in-built sensor keeps track of the temperature. It engages with digital controls to regulate the airflow and the flow of pellets.

An induction fan within the pellet hopper stokes the fire to disperse the heat evenly.

The drip tray keeps the grease away from the fire so that the flames do not contact the food.

Click here to learn about the workings of a pellet grill in detail.

How to Cook on a Z Grill Pellet Grill

Wood pellet grills are reasonably easy to use and do not require professional expertise. Here is a quick guide to help you prepare a meal:

  1. Turn the dial to set a temperature, just like you do when using an oven.
  2. Select a wood pellet flavor. You can choose from various flavors such as pecan, oak, apple, cherry, and mesquite. Once you decide, load the pellets into the hopper.
  3. An auger pulls the pellets inside the firepot at the hopper’s bottom, where they meet the igniter.
  4. The flames are kept away from the food with the help of a heat baffle.
  5. A circular fan is used to disperse the heat across the cooking surface to ensure even cooking.
  6. While your food is being cooked, you can sit back and relax as the pellet grill automatically keeps feeding the required dose of pellets to maintain a suitable temperature.

Need Some Inspiration?

Z Grills has an entire section with mouth-water recipes that list all the ingredients as well as the instructions that work best for a Z Grills Pellet Smoker.

How To Use Smoke Setting On A Z Grill

A smoke setting is used to start up the grill when you first turn it on, but you can also use that to increase the amount of smoke you need in your food.

A smoke setting on a Z Grill typically offers temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees, so it cannot be used on its own for cooking.

However, you may use it for the first couple of hours and then bring the temperature up to the desired level for cooking.

Troubleshooting: Common Problems with Z Grills & What to Do

If you run into some problems while using your grill, check out the owner’s manual on our website, or their FAQ page which contains detailed troubleshooting guidelines.

Here are quick solutions to some common issues you may face:

Your Z Grill is Not Heating Up

If your pellet grill cannot reach the maximum temperature, it may be because the pellets are not being replaced regularly or have been left in the hopper for too long.

This makes them moist and prevents them from burning well.

Another reason may be a blocked induction fan. This can happen if you did not clean the ash from the fire pot since four or five cooks.

A resulting decrease in airflow can prevent the grill temperature from reaching its maximum point.

Moreover, make sure you wipe off the temperature sensor after each cook. Its efficiency may reduce if it gunk gets stuck inside it.

Your Z Grill Isn’t Smoking

With a pellet grill, the higher the temperature you set, the less smoke it will generate.

If you have recently switched to a pellet grill from a conventional one, you may have been tempted to choose a higher temperature.

A pellet smoker’s mechanism is such that ore smoke is produced when the temperature is relatively lower.

If you cook food at a higher temperature, it will still be delicious but just not smoky enough.

Your Grill’s Auger is Not Turning

This is most likely because of a pellet jam caused by excessive moisture within pellets.

Clean them out and replace them with fresh pellets. Make sure you unplug the power before starting any cleaning or maintenance.

Which Grill Is Right For Me?

Not sure which grill fits within your price range or which features come with each pellet grill. Z Grills has a handy comparison tool where you can select up to three different models and compare things like;

  • Price
  • Cooking Area
  • Hopper Capacity
  • And many other features

Here are a few screenshots from their website.

Z Grills Comparison Tool

Z Grills Comparison Tool Table

Once you find the right pellet grill, you can add it to your cart right in the comparison tool.

Which Z Grill Model Is Best?

Here is a brief overview of the most popular Z Grill models:

Z Grills – 700E

This model features an easy-to-read digital control pad and a fast dial-in temperature range.

It has a temperature range between 180 to 450 degrees, which enables it to cook a wide variety of meals.

This smoker’s all-weather grill cover offers thorough protection from sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Z Grills – 700D

The 700D saves you from the hassle of a manual start-up, temperature monitoring, and uneven cooking.

Set a temperature, and the auger system will regulate the pellet feed rate on its own.

The steel construction gives it a rock-solid body that resists wear and tear. Make use of the upper warming rack if you need space to cook ore food.

Z Grills – 7002E

The precise temperature control option in this model gives you the consistency required to prepare a perfect meal every time.

It comes with a digital control pad and an easy dial-in temperature range that can make grilling as simple as using an oven.

Z Grills – 1000D

The 1000D offers a cooking space as large as 1060 square inches, allowing you to cook for a large group quickly.

A simple push of a button can set the smoker temperature set accordingly to achieve smoky flavor.

This model offers a side shelf with tool hooks to prep your meat and keep your grilling equipment nearby. It also has four casters to help you relocate it conveniently.

Popular Z Grills Accessories

Grill accessories can significantly improve your smoking experience. Here are some popular tools you can find on Z Grills’ website:

Thermal Blanket

This is an insulation blanket that you can attach to your grill to maintain constant temperatures.

It not only keeps the grill warm but also maximizes efficiency by reducing the number of pellets you need to burn, especially during cold weather.

Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer

This handy thermometer can be connected to your grill and show the temperature on your smartphone.

Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it relatively easy to set up.

All you have to do is plug the probe into the food, select food type, and set a degree in the app.

Grill Mat For Patio

A grill mat is designed to be safely kept under the grill to collect any spills or splatters.

Use it to shield your patio, deck, or garage floor from water, sauce, oil, and grease.

Once you’re done cooking, rinse with soap and water to clean it.

Hexagon Tube Smoker 

If you want an enhanced smoky taste to your food, buy a hexagon tube smoker.

It can provide up to 5 hours of smoking and be used for hot and cold smoking. It is made of stainless steel, making it strong, durable, and heat-resistant.

Become a pro at preparing scrumptious, wood-fired flavor meals right in your backyard with a Z Grills’ Wood Pellet Grill.

If you are interested in purchasing one, click here to visit the company website or call at 833-947-4557 today.


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